• Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I overlap my graphics from the front to the sleeves?

    Yes this is possible but it is not guaranteed that your graphics will match up 100% this also is a time consuming process as every size will have to be laid out individually. Artwork charges my apply. Please ask your sales rep for info on artwork charges.
  • How do I know what DPI my image is?

    This can be found in the Image roll down in Photoshop under Image Size. If you do not have Photoshop or an imaging program please email your design to our art department or your sales rep and put in the subject line "What is my DPI?"
  • Will a 72dpi image from the internet work for my job?

    This image can be printed on the understanding the it may be distorted or pixilated due to low image quality. If you require the image to be sharp and precise the graphic will have to be touched up or redrawn. Please ask your sales rep for info on artwork charges.
  • What does "To Size" mean?

    “To size” means the full size of the print that we will be applying. Please see the Sizing Chart for standard image sizes.
  • What makes 4way stretch fabric so beneficial?

    4 way stretch fabric stretches both up and down and side to side to give the product extra flexibility and comfort for active individuals.
  • What is moisture wicking fabric?

    Moisture wicking fabric wicks or pulls moisture away from your body to and releases it for evaporation, keeping you dryer and cooler in all conditions.
  • What are flatlock seams?

    Flatlock seams bind fabric flush for stronger, flexible, more comfortable fit to reduce chafing and discomfort that can occur during vigorous exercise.
  • What are fabric should I use for my product?

    Savi Customs offers a variety of fabric options, however each product uses specific fabric options. For a list of the fabrics used on your product please check the fabric specifications on the product page. You can also find detailed descriptions of all of our fabric options here.